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The modern world is rapidly developing, technology is not standing still, and clients become ever more demanding. We are changing with you and for you! Amétis by Estima is our new range of porcelain tiles. Amétis by Estima is designed for the most sophisticated buyers.

Recall the moments when you were truly happy and recreate this joyful atmosphere in your home. Natural, genuine feelings lay behind the concept of a new Amétis by Estima range, consisting of 5 porcelain stoneware collections that imitate patterns and textures created by the nature itself.

Amétis by Estima will allow you to implement any project, help you to convey a whole range of emotions and feelings associated with memorable life experiences, and create a perfect atmosphere in your residential or commercial space.


Marble is the architectural link between ages and style. Even in the modern time this type of natural stone represents an Icon of style because it matches elegant and sophisticated ambiences due to its unique variations but also it is so contemporary with its versatility in terms of gamma of colors and surfaces. This not replicable perfection deserved to be emphasized and fixed during the time that is why an Asteroid was named Mármulla.
The eponymous Mármulla porcelain collection is our signature inside sophisticated environments and was created for people who wants to be surrounded by the beauty.


The ancient, wild and enchantingly beautiful forest of Tarkine is cut off from the rest of the surrounding natural environment and still retains its primordial beauty. Tarkine has absorbed centuries of wisdom, making it one of Australia’s true national treasures. Inspired by the tropical Savage River National Park in Tarkine, Estima created a unique wood looking porcelain tile that reminds the secular trees of this forest. The Tarkíne collection is for people who is in love with nature and its elements and wants to feel how the eternity feels like.


Less is more, this is concept of Land collection which is a modern look cement inspired by the ancient “Cementum Romano”.
The ancient forerunners of cement contained natural volcanic ash, which formed a solid and incorruptible foundation for the construction of pyramids and pantheons. The strength of volcanic ash is reflected in the modern time in our new collection Land which is strong and durable like historical monuments but at the same time elegant and contemporary with its deep scale of deep grey colour.


Daintree National Park in Australia is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in recognition of what is a spectacular living case study of how life has evolved on Earth. The unique rain forest and rare flora and fauna here are untouched and exist as if in another space and time. The natural simplicity of our collection made from wood will appeal to those who truly appreciate a classic and elegant
Design, and will emphasize the aesthetic elements in every room.


Kailas in Tibet remains the only unconquered peak in the world, which has inspired the concept behind our new porcelain project signed by Estima. The new line is an incredibly realistic replication of Tibetan natural stone. Inspired the highest unconquered mountain, Kailás porcelain tiles have been created for people who is inspired by mountains.

Amétis in interiors